Federated Identity Management (FIM)

About FIM

» Introduction
FIM is the Sarawak Government initiative to provide single sign-on access to the State Government intranet applications.

» Contact Us
If you have any problem in accessing FIM, please contact the call centre at 082-236633 or the ICT Unit, Chief Minister's Department at 082-449005.



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» Do Not Change Setting on Old Email
If you have migrated to new email system, please DO NOT change any setting in old email system, especially "Mail Forwarding". If you have done so, you will have problem receiving email.

» Jangan Tukar 'Setting' Dalam Emel Lama
Jika pihak tuan/puan sudah berpindah ke sistem emel baru. Anda dinasihatkan jangan tukar sebarang 'setting' dalam sistem emel lama terutamanya "mail forwarding" kerana ia akan menyebabkan tuan/puan akan menghadapi masalah untuk menerima emel.

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